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Psoriasis in Europe

Celia Europso

This October I will be again representing the european psoriasis and psoriatic patients  with Europso at the EADV Congress in Copenhagen.

The European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology celebrates its 24th Congress and Europso, as the european federation of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis patient’s associations will be there as usual.

Thousands of dermatologists of all over the world, professors, pharma industry professionals, patients organizations and many different people will be discussing, sharing and interacting between us about several questions that concerns the skin.

I have been attending the last Congresses and this year for the first time the EADV organizes a special place for patients: the “Patients Society Village”. Congratulations to the EADV team! But I won’t be alone in Copenhague: two colleagues and patients representatives of different health organizations will be there supporting the european psoriasis patient’s federation. Thanks a lot to Jorge Ayuso and Diego Villalón from Más Que Ideas Foundation for their great work and invaluable help. We will send you more news from the Bella Center!

I often wonder why psoriasis patients have not yet a good presence in scientific and profesional meetings. Another different diseases have walked this long way and they have done a great work improving their attendance and participation in this events.

Although I am actually very happy because in the last years, psoriasis patients are more visible, active and important in the development of some issues that affects us directly, we have in front of us a big challenge: to put the european psoriasis patient under the real spotlight of the european society and the european institutions.

Thanks to many many people, patients and european patients associations, now we have voice in this Congress. Let’s take the opportunity and let’s aware each second of these 5 days about psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and patient’s needs

You can follow this Congress by Twitter with@eadv




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